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We had our first case of Lice and called Nitwits and they called me back on a Saturday night and we went on a Sunday morning. The two ladies who helped us were really nice and taught us what to do in the future. I am so pleased with their service and recommend them to anyone dealing with the issue. Thank you once again

E. Tamm

With three women in our household with long, thick hair, you can imagine how relieved we were to have the nitwits team deal with one and let the others know they were in the clear. So worth it to have a proper check done if you're unsure! way could we have handled the lice treatment ourselves. Folks, leave it to the pros!!


Excellent service & great with both the kids and stressed parents (me)! A nightmare turned into a pleasant experience. No toxic products, just technique and a great comb! I learned so much – I hope I never need it again but Highly recommend Nitwits!

Ruth C.

Came to the Etobicoke location. It's a huge life saver. We were referred by a friend and we highly recommend Nitwits! Save yourself the headache and wasted money buying drugstore products. Get a Nitwits treatment and buy the comb!


Thanks Nitwits! You're a stress free way to become Lice free. Your staff are so thorough and full of great advice.


Nitwits managed to remove the lice out of my daughter's long thick hair. Great job!

Evelyn, Newmarket

Hello Shawnda,

I just wanted to thank you and Cindy for helping my family with the nasty bugs. The girls were finally ready and clean to donate their beautiful hair. Thanks again for everything, I sent you a picture of their new dos, please share it with Cindy.


Colette, Toronto

Was the second time my kids had lice and this time, we tried Nitwits. Was really happy with the result and the service.

Alan, Aurora

As every parent out there knows, your heart skips a beat when you see your child’s school name appears on your Call Display.

Luckily in my case it wasn’t broken bones or bad behaviour……just…..LICE!!!!! (Seriously, I think a broken bone would be less icky!)

Now I know kids get lice….but not my kids!!!! So now my kids were to become one of ‘those kids’. Of course the school secretary reassured me that it was very mild, no actual lice just a few nits!! Not feeling any better, I hung up and went to collect my son. I couldn’t stop itching.

I didn’t even know what I was looking for and frankly I was just too freaked to even want to look. Combing through hair looking for bugs is not for me…what do I do when I find one…is it going to jump to my hair??? I’m given an information page about what to do…promptly the other mothers tell me none of those solutions work – excellent…still itching. I don’t want my kid in the car. We walk home.

After a google search I came across Nit Wits – they do it all!!! Look for lice, pluck them out. Look for nits, get rid of them. This whole thing is creeping me out. I get an appointment -starting to feel a little more in control.

I wonder if the lice have crossed over to me by now. I actually did laugh when an image of my husband looking for lice in my hair flashed through my brain. Would never happen…well, maybe but not properly. Really itching.

The Nit Wits person showed up and I loved her instantly. She took my son through all the steps to rid him of whatever he had and she talked me through it all as she went. It wasn’t anything near as bad an experience as I was expecting. She told me how to stay on top of it and how to prevent spreading it. She even checked my hair and my other son’s and my husband. She completely put my mind at ease.

It was such a relief to have someone who knew what they were doing to help us out. I would highly recommend this company. I learned a lot and I think I’d be able to handle it next time but if not… I know I’ll be calling Nit Wits.

Pamela, Toronto


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