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Whether you're being proactive in order to prevent an outbreak or screening the entire student population after finding lice, Nitwits is available to visit your school, camp, or group for a head check screening. Please note that these checks take up to five minutes per person. They are not as thorough as a full in clinic head check, but are an absolutely effective way of screening. We encourage checking every student in your school or group as it only takes one person to spread lice.

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If lice is identified during the screening, we retain a physical sample and provide it for the parent as evidence. The sample is attached to an information sheet explaining what measures need to be taken in the home as well as lice treatment options. We go above and beyond by being the only lice company that returns to your school- for free- the following week to check students who were absent. We also recheckany students that were identified as having had lice.

We are available to travel within our local service area to conduct screenings by advance appointment. Many facilities book Nitwits at the start of the school year and after holiday breaks. For a complete proactive lice prevention and management program, consider pre-scheduling a screening for September, January and March each year.

*in some circumstances, a minimum service fee and travel fee may apply.


If you have any questions, or would like to book hair lice screening, call us at 416.546.4455.


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