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Nitwits outreach program

Nitwits believes all families should have access to support and education when dealing with head lice and we are firmly committed to helping those in our community and abroad successfully deal with head lice.

Nitwits proudly works with schools and local Children’s Aids agencies to assist families who are struggling to eradicate head lice but are unable get rid of it completely.

In addition, Nitwits owner Shawnda Walker makes herself available to speak, free of charge, to school parent councils or parent assemblies to help dispel myths and increase understanding of how families should be dealing with lice once they find it on their child’s — or their own head.

Nitwits outreach program

In October 2013, Nitwits took part in an outreach trip to Guatemala to train staff and senior residents at the Prince of Peace Home for Girls, which was having extreme difficulty eradicating head lice from the children’s heads, despite the continuous use of toxic chemicals. When Nitwits arrived, the girls, who were as young as 6, had been without warm blankets for three months because it was believed they were contributing to the problem. Through the information and training we were able to provide, more than 50 girls were cleared of lice and their blankets were returned!

Nitwits outreach program at Prince of Peace in Guatemala
During our out-reach time at Prince of Peace in Guatemala, we visited local families to collect lice samples for the University of Florida's study on the travels of mankind using head lice DNA.

If you know an agency or organization that could benefit from our outreach efforts, or to support future outreach efforts by Nitwits, either through financial or other donations, contact Shawnda Walker at 416.546.4455.

Consider booking Nitwits to come and present your group with The Facts of Lice.


To have your questions answered or to book a hair lice removal session, call us at 416.546.4455.


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