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Lice Clinic In Toronto

Lice Clinic In Toronto

Nitwits Is The Only Lice Clinic In Toronto That You Need

Most people do not recognize lice as a real health threat and they may not be proven to be deadly, but they are highly contagious and extremely frustrating to be rid of. Adult lice can live up to 24 hours away from the human scalp and their eggs or “nits” can live for a few days. Sharing a brush, comb, pillow or hat can result in an infestation. Then the fun starts. You will need to treat yourself or the infected person and contact every person that the victim has come into contact with. After the treatments, you will need to clean your home and nearly anywhere the infested person spent any time, such as beds and furniture. You much then clean the persons' clothes and all sleeping attire, including sheets, pillow cases and bed spreads to avoid another infestation. If you need more information about our Toronto lice clinic, please contact us.

We Have The Experience That You Need In A Toronto Head Lice Clinic

You need an experienced lice clinic in Toronto that can help you take care of your infestation. That head lice clinic in Toronto is Nitwits. We have the products and the expertise to help you with any type of head lice infestation in your family. Don't think that only unclean, unkept hair is susceptible to head lice. Our clinic in Toronto has treated head lice infestations in people of every income bracket, size, age and creed. Lice can spread easily from one person to another by simply coming into contact with an infected persons hair. This can happen during sporting events, playgrounds, camps or children playing at home or at school. There is no simple way to avoid head lice unless you don't share any type of clothing article or hair product with others.

Nitwits Is The Best Toronto Head Lice Removal Clinic In The Area

If you are dealing with lice for the first time and you need a lice clinic in Toronto you don't have to look any further. Nitwits can and will help you. Nitwits Toronto Lice Clinic is conveniently located near the Don Valley Parkway on Lawrence Avenue East and is easily accessible by major highways and public transportation. All you have to do is contact us to make an appointment. You can do that by calling 416.546.4455. Talk to the most recognized and effective Toronto head lice removal clinic in the area.

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