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Head Lice Treatment Toronto

Head Lice Treatment Toronto

Do You Need Head Lice Treatments For Your Child?

Are you afraid that your child has become in contact with head lice and now needs lice treatment? Head lice treatment in Toronto is highly recommended for anyone that is diagnosed with an infestation of hair lice. Treatment typically consists of a simple shampoo that will kill the live lice (some shampoos will kill off the nits, or eggs too, but they may be toxic). It is important and highly recommended that any person that has had contact with the infected person should be professionally examined for head lice too. Treatment may be necessary for multiple people if they have had become infested. Head lice are not considered a dangerous health concern by most experts, but there are some that believe that they can spread disease. If nothing else, they are extremely contagious and can infest an entire kindergarten room if left untreated for any amount of time.

Your Child May Need Lice Treatment After Being In Contact With An Infested Child

A few of the most common places for children to become infested with head lice are at school or playgrounds. It only takes your childs head to come in contact with an infested childs to start an infestation. If your child has come into contact with other children that have been infested with lice, treatment of their hair is essential. It is also recommended that other measures be taken to help reduce the chance of a secondary infestation. You should also thoroughly clean your childs sleeping quarters and any place they may have had contact with while before their head lice treatments in Toronto.

Head Lice Treatment Is Just The First Step In Removing Lice From Your Life

Most hair lice treatments only kill off the live lice, but don't do much damage to the nits. The nits often hatch days after the initial lice treatment and can cause another infestation if left untreated. Adult lice can only live off of the human scalp for about 24 hours, but their nits can live for much longer and that is why it is highly recommended that you clean your childs sleeping quarters and wash all of their clothes in very hot water. Most people will even quarantine the infected clothes and sleeping garments in air-tight plastic bags for a few weeks to ensure that all adult lice and nits are suffocated and dead.

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