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Get the professional expertise of Nitwits to solve your head lice problem and stop the stress. Nitwits not only provides head lice removal treatment and education, but also offers safe and effective products to ensure your lice problem is addressed the right way.

Nitwits is the first Canadian company certified by one of the world’s leading authorities on lice, Katie Shepherd, founder and CEO of the Shepherd Institute©. The Institute is the only recognized lice removal certification program and its Strand-by-Strand removal method ensures your family is lice- and nit-free.

Get rid of the lice problem once and for all, guaranteed!! Call Nitwits today.

Clinic Services

Initial Head Check


Lice & Nit Removal Treatment


Re-checks (within 7 days of treatment)


At Home Services

Initial Head Check and/or Lice &
Nit Removal Treatment


Re-checks at Nitwits Toronto Lice Clinic
(within 7 days of treatment)


Please note:

There is a $25 Travel Fee for At-Home Services.

If you live outside of the Greater Toronto Area, do not hesitate to contact us for alternate travel fees.

There is a minimum $90 fee for the initial home visit. After the first hour, we bill in increments of 15 minutes.

Lice Treatment Products

Mint Spritz (small) 8oz


Mint Spritz (large) 16oz


Terminator Comb


Our 30 Day Guarantee!

Nitwits is so confident of our results that we guarantee our services, provided:

  • everyone living in your household receives a head check
  • each person found to have lice is treated
  • recheck is completed at our Nitwits clinic (by appointment)

If any (treated) person is found to still have lice at the end of the treatment cycle, we will retreat that person at no charge.


If you have any questions, or would like to book hair lice screening, call us at 416.546.4455.

Preparing for your visit


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