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Stop Panicking!
Nitwits will end the chaos of lice.

Trust Nitwits for an effective, safe, and private lice treatment solution when you find your family dealing with head lice: guaranteed! We're experts in removing head lice so you can get back to doing all the things life has to offer you and your family.

As parents, we know the sense of panic and frustration that comes with fighting head lice and are sympathetic to your needs.

We Offer Head Lice Treatments That You Can Trust – Guaranteed.

Finding a lice removal clinic in Toronto is easy, but finding one that has credentials as impressive as Nitwits is not. Shawnda Walker, Founder and Chief Nitwit, is the first Canadian certified by The Shepherd Institute; a research, education and lice removal treatment center. Our professionally trained staff utilize The Shepherd Method© of Strand by Strand Nit Removal. We only use non-toxic products to help assist in lice removal and take the time to remove nits in our patient’s hair by going through strand by strand. It is the only way to completely remove the nits and lice from a person's hair.

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To book a hair lice removal session, call us at 416.546.4455.

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The most common places for children to come into contact with head lice are schools, sleepovers, playgrounds, or sporting events. Infestations easily happen when children are playing in close proximity and are most common in young children, especially those in preschool and elementary schools. If you feel that your child may have come into contact with head lice and you need a lice removal service in Toronto, our lice removal clinic is among the most trusted and utilized clinics in Toronto. Our lice removal centre provides your family with the best non-toxic lice removal treatments in the Toronto area.

Nitwits Has the Products and Expertise That You Need for Efficient and Professional Lice Removal Services

Nitwits has one of the safest and most effective service at a reasonable price. You can contact us to learn more about all of our services in lice removal. Our lice removal technicians have the experience to help safely remove any infestation that you have in your family. We’ll also give you the information you need to avoid further infestations. Feel free to contact us today about any concerns you have about lice treatment in the Toronto and surrounding areas.

Nitwits has the experience, products and expertise that you need for efficient Lice Removal in Toronto. We are a certified Lice Removal Service in Toronto. Trust our lice lady for expert nit works!
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