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Lice Service Toronto

We Are One Of The Most Utilized Head Lice Services In Toronto

You only want your child to go to an experienced Toronto lice removal service clinic. For the most trusted clinic that offers lice service in Toronto you need to contact our team at Nitwits. Our staff will treat you, your family and your home to be rid of those frustrating and very contagious insects. Our head lice service in Toronto is one of the safest in the GTA as we only use non-toxic and eco-friendly treatment options. Your child will be lice free after our lice treatments. We guarantee it with free service to anyone that was previously treated if there is a reinfestation in your family.

Lice Service Toronto

Nitwits Is The Largest Lice Removal Service In Toronto

After you make your appointment with our Toronto lice removal service, we will be able to accurately determine if your child has a lice infestation by systematically going through your child’s hair strand by strand. If we find evidence of lice or their nits we can discuss what you need to do to treat your child’s infestation. We do consultations by appointment only, because of the high volume of calls we receive. Nitwits is the largest clinic that offers head lice services in Toronto, but we are constantly busy with clients so do not delay if you think that your child may have come into contact with head lice. Our services in Toronto typically are inexpensive with the initial head check for only 25.00$ per person. The initial procedure usually takes about half an hour to determine if your child has lice.

We Will Do Rechecks For No Charge At Our Toronto Lice Removal Service

You will receive a recheck for each person in your family at no charge, as we will thoroughly examine your previously infested persons hair. If we find evidence of a new infestation, we will do a retreatment at no charge. Our lice service in Toronto is second to none and our customer service guarantee is the best in our industry. You can trust Nitwits as the only lice removal service in Toronto that you and your family will ever need.

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To have your questions answered or to book a hair lice removal session, call us at 416.546.4455.


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