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Head Lice Removal Toronto

Head Lice Removal Toronto

Nitwits Can Help You Identify And Remove Head Lice

Head lice are tiny insects that infest human hair, mainly human scalps. They are terribly irritating and may cause great discomfort to the victim. They are highly contagious and can be difficult to be rid of, but there is hope. If you need a clinic that can remove head lice, you have come to the right place. Nitwits is a head lice removal clinic in Toronto with years of experience in dealing with head lice. A removal of head lice is typically composed of a few steps:

1st, you need to have a proper diagnosis before you remove lice. Taking your child (or yourself) to a professional is important because they will be able to tell you if you have nits in your hair, though some people can identify the insects themselves after some experience, but it recommended that you seek professional help immediately if you suspect head lice.

2nd, if you confirm that your child does indeed have lice, you will need to have treatments. There are some otc remedies, but to be 100% certain that your child and family are completely rid of the lice we highly recommend making an appointment with us to make sure they are eradicated.

3rd, after your child has been treated, you will need to decontaminate your home and any place that your child has been. This typically includes sleeping quarters and any furniture they have come into contact with.

You Don't Need An Army, Just Nitwits For Head Lice Removal

You want to make certain that when you remove lice they are gone for good the first time. Nitwits can help you ensure that you are rid of them in the first try. We even have a guarantee. We are so confident of our results that we guarantee our services, provided: Everyone living in your household receives a head check. Each person found to have lice is treated. A recheck is completed at the Nitwits Toronto Lice Clinic and if any (treated) person is found to still have lice at the end of the treatment cycle, we will retreat that person at no charge.

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