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For expert consultations and professional head lice removal treatment service, make an appointment with Nitwits, Toronto's largest lice clinics.

With superior lighting, hydraulic chairs, excellent entertainment options, and a full range of product inventory, Nitwits Lice Clinics provide the ideal environment for effective head lice removal. In addition, the clinics are designed to make the process as comfortable as possible. Lice removal treatment can be tedious for some children. To help keep your child entertained, we have individual TVs at each station with Netflix. Also, parents have access to free Wi-Fi and siblings can enjoy the kids’ play area.

Nitwits lice treatment clinic


Not sure if you or your child has lice? We will systematically go through the hair, inspecting for live lice and nits. This procedure may take up to 30 minutes. If there is no evidence of head lice, we'll let you know. If we do find lice or nits, we'll discuss the lice treatment procedure and will be able to begin treatment immediately.


If lice or nits are found during the initial head check and you choose to begin treatment right away, the $25 head check fee will be waived. The time needed for treatment varies from person to person, depending on the severity of infestation, hair length, and hair type. The average appointment lasts about an hour and a half for a girl and forty-five minutes for a boy. Fees are billed in 15 min. increments after the first hour.


When a client has a severe case of lice we offer a free recheck. In milder cases, if you would like a recheck there is a fee of $10.During the recheck, we thoroughly examine the hair and scalp to ensure that you are lice and nit-free. The at-home comb outs that you perform and in-clinic recheck enable us to see if new contact with an infected person has occurred.

All rechecks are conducted at a Nitwits Lice Clinic and must be completed within five to seven days after the initial treatment.

Our 30 Day Guarantee!

Nitwits is so confident of our results that we guarantee our services, provided:

  • everyone living in your household receives a head check
  • each person found to have lice is treated by Nitwits
  • all follow up procedures are followed

If any (treated) person is found to still have lice at the end of the treatment cycle, we will retreat that person at no charge.

We will stay with you until you are lice-free! The proven Strand-by-Strand method that we use ensures that the job is done right the first time. There is no need to have more than one extensive treatment session. Our approach is to treat and follow up to ensure success.

We can't be responsible for contact that you have with infested individuals once you are treated. That is why we strongly recommend that all family members are checked, and treated if necessary, and follow-up steps are taken regularly by you to remain lice-free. We will provide all the education you need.

Nitwits North Toronto Lice Clinic is conveniently located near the Don Valley Parkway on Lawrence Avenue East. The Nitwits Etobicoke clinic is just south of The Gardiner of off Kipling Ave. Both are easily accessible by major highways and public transportation.

Visit Preparation

Nitwits Toronto Lice Clinic
1232 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON M3A 1B9
Tel: 416-546-4455

We are located in the Don East Centre. Our door is hard to see, you will easily find it in between the Don East Barber and Anders Physio Therapy.

Nitwits – Etobicoke Clinic
9-300 New Toronto St.
Toronto, ON M8V 2E8
Tel: 416-546-4455

We face New Toronto St. There is parking in the back in spots marked “9” and there is access through a back door. You can also park in the Master Card Centre lot.

To have your questions answered or to book a hair lice removal session, call us at 416.546.4455.

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